Professional Image

"Pat Durham's professional imaging service gave me the self-confidence I needed to not only look professional, but also to present myself in the eyes of the media with confidence and poise." DM

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with my image and press interview style. Your recommendations were right on. I purchased some outfits that would fit the style you suggested and I am receiving flattering compliments about the "new look."

"I also appreciate all the great feedback on the interview with the press. I am now more prepared to be interviewed. I think the feedback will very much assist me in future interviews on TV." C.H.

Proper Etiquette:

"My (grown) son brings up your session with him at least once every time I see him. When we went to dinner with friends, I noticed his behavior has really changed." Thanks, D.M.

Confidence and Professionalism:

"Pat, I wanted to let you know that your coaching and expertise was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal...becoming a vice president of my organization. You helped me create a more professional and confident image. In addition, your coaching helped me to take a more personal interest in the lives of the individuals that I deal with everyday. I continue to use your advice and have found that many of your suggestions have carried over into my personal life and have made changes there as well. My dealings with Diversity were a great learning experience! Thank you for providing this wonderful service." A.F.

"When my son Jonathan was a Senior in High School, he had the unique opportunity to become a model with Paige Parks, located in downtown Houston. As part of an interview, Jonathan's photos of great importance, but he also needed to perform a small skit or routine to demonstrate his acting ability as well. I knew I needed someone who could coach him and also polish his efforts, so I contacted Pat Durham of Diversity. Jonathan met with Pat and after interviewing him, she realized that he had little exposure to the acting world and to all of its demands. However, because of Pat's amazing ability to teach and inspire, we had a wonderful response from the agents who observed Jonathan.

Typically, you may have only 3-5 agents who may show interest, but I believe because of Pat's involvement and her skill in taking someone to the next level, Jonathan had final interviews with 12 agents, with offers to appear in movies both in California and other cities along with modeling opportunities as well. Pat Durham's training can take anyone to another level of professionalism that will make a difference in your life and business career."


"My daughter learns something new each class. It is so nice to have her politely remind me that my elbows should never be on the table among other reminders. No matter how well traveled, experienced or trained our children are, Pat has a way of bringing out the best in them." B.P.M.

Bruce's Message:

"Oh wow!! What an outstanding presentation you gave at the Tomball Chamber's First Friday Luncheon. Many compliments about you and your topic, "Talk is Cheap or is it?", are still being received.

Thank you for providing a portion of your professional expertise with your Chamber Business friends from Tomball.You made the day extraordinary with both lessons learned mixed with lots of fun."

B. H., Greater Area Tomball Chamber of Commerce

"I can't believe I've learned so much in so little time!" S.S.

Evaluation of Speaking Engagement:

".....the crowd was woo-ed! You were direct, informative, on topic and funny! Can't ask for more!"

"Pat was an excellent speaker-kept my attention and made me think."


"Pat did a wonderful job-a great and helpful presentation."

"I would enjoy another presentation by Pat, expanding on some of the topics."